7:00 PM Tuesday Recovery meetings at Grace Ministries

have started

 sunday school 

will be on

Facebook live

and youtube


  • Grace Ministries YouTube
  • Grace Ministries YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Facebook

  We at Grace Ministries want to encourage everyone to

continue to pray.  If you need encouragement,

go to the "Videos/Podcasts" tab and select a date to

listen to a meeting or click the "YouTube" icon for a

recorded meeting.  Watch for Facebook live videos of meetings and Greene's Sunday School

lessons on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM ! 

Remember,  we are ALL in this together

and everyone's health is the most important thing

to consider during this difficult time! 

New Facebook live videos for regular meeting times are available on Facebook and YouTube. Just go to the "Videos/Podcasts" tab and click on the YouTube icon -

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