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Our Vision at Grace Ministries is to have a positive impact on lives in the Vance, Franklin, Granville and Warren Counties, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. To reach as many who are willing to change their lives and turn away from addictions of any kind and the destructive life styles that comes from addictions. We are passionate and eager to serve those struggling with addiction and their families, or anyone in need. Our Vision is that when someone needs help or knows someone who needs help we will be their first thought on who to call.

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We have faith based 12 step meetings on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM  at 961 Burr Street Henderson NC .  We use the same 12 steps that are from NA & AA but the lessons come from a Bible called the "12 step Recovery Bible". 

All steps are referenced back to scripture.

"Please enter through the gates on Crozier street"

Pastor Jamie Elliott


My name is Jamie Elliott and I feel that God is greatly using me in the ministry.  God has been working on and in my life for many years now.  Even when I was not living my life for Him, God was working behind the scenes, transforming me into the man I have become.  Years ago, I fell into the addiction of drugs and alcohol.  I felt my life had come to an abrupt end and even contemplated suicide.  That is when God got a hold of my life!  I told God that if He would deliver me from this addiction, then I would serve Him for the rest of my life.  God delivered me from the bondage of addiction!   Now,   

I want to spend the rest of my life faithfully serving Him. I live my life daily for God Almighty.  I want others to experience the freedom that God has so graciously given to me.  This IS and WILL be my goal for the rest of my life!

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